Stream Team

  • David Barnes

    UK Streamer/ EU Stream Lead

    David "KingGrumpa" Barnes has been gaming most his life. Always striving to be the best at which ever game he plays, he turned to streaming when he wanted to share his passion for gaming. Since joining PDHM he has learnt to perfect his craft and has turned to support and help other streamers looking to start out. Now as EU Stream Lead he is able to fulfil those ambitions, whilst still being able to deliver the content that he wants to share with the community.

  • Daniel Nicholson


    Energy, positivity, and a strong community are the three things that set Dani 'R4rity' Nicholson apart from the rest. With over 3 years experience in esports broadcasting along with 4 years in the streaming industry, Dani is an up-and-coming talent looking to make a name for themself. They went to college for 2 years for communications and broadcasting, and looks to utilize those talents in every stream they put out. Although the Call of Duty franchise harvests some of their favorite games, Dani loves to indulge in as many games as possible, labeling themself as a Variety Streamer.

  • Robert Johnson

    Community Manager/ Streamer

    Robert “TwilightUnbound” Johnson has been in the competitive Scene for about 7 years for Call Of Duty Until recently decided to take a step back and work on building a community for his own then Decided to expand towards PDHM and now is PDHM’s community manager.

  • Justin Zoglio

    NA Stream Lead/ Streamer

    Justin "Imprezv" Zoglio has been gaming since he could hold a controller. He has always had that competitive edge about him, but at the same time he loves to laugh and have fun. He strives to be the best at any game he touches. He comes from a MMO-RPG/MOBA (Wow,ESO/SMITE,HoTS) background and also has COD community experience. Since joining PDHM he has done nothing but help us grow with his leadership and unconventional/innovative ideas. Now as the NA Stream Lead he's at the forefront of what our community is trying to accomplish. He cares about and interacts with all of our streamers within PDHM. While accomplishing all that he has so far, he still manages to stream full time to release quality content.

  • Chase McIntosh

    Streamer / Content Creator

    Chase "Macstremity" McIntosh has been involved in gaming since a young age. He actually picked up his nickname from his father - as it was his old Gamertag. He is a High School Physical Education teacher by day, and a driven content creator by night. Not only does he stream and game with his community, he is quite well known for his giveaways that he does for them - as every cent he earns on Twitch is put right back into the giveaways. Outside of streaming and content creation he runs both a Madden Connected Franchise (@GGF_League on Twitter) with live users across the country for cash prizes. On top of this, he is one of the founders of - a Call of Duty: Warzone Tournament platform.

  • Scott "Occasional Beast" Reeves

    UK Streamer/ Content Creator

  • Thomas Coleman


  • Mattias Onnerud

    Streamer/ Fortnite Player

  • Juan Zapata


  • Ricardo Tavarez


  • Logan Humiston


  • Darren Thompson

    Streamer/ Content Creator